Hannah Short



What that means: I’m in charge! Really, but not really – I ‘run’ the club with a lot of help from the rest of the committee and the instructors. I can help you with any query and if I don’t know I can point you to the right person.
Email: chairman@shusac.org.uk
Uni Course: Aerospace Engineering
Why I Love Diving: The freedom of movement underwater
Other Hobbies: Flying, Ice-hockey & Piano

Matt Newbound

Dive Officer


The Role: The Diving Officer or DO, is responsible for keeping a watchful eye over all the diving the club does. Making sure that it is all safe and within BSAC regulations. Also to help out the Training Officer with training plans and preparation.
Email: DO@shusac.org.uk
The Person: I'm an alumnae member of SHUSAC, been in the club since I joined the club as a student in 2006. I'm one of the instructors in the club, and give up as much time as I can to help people learn and progress, and most importantly enjoy themselves.
Diving Qualification: BASC Advanced Diver / BSAC Advanced Diving Instructor / BSAC Instructor Trainer
Favourite Drink: Real Ale or if I'm driving, Tea!
Favourite Food: Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi

Ashley Granter

Training Officer


The Role: Want to start diving, learn new skills or go on training trips, come talk to me and I’ll do my best to sort you out. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or requests.
Email: agranter@live.co.uk
Diving Qualification: Sports Diver
Why I Love Diving: Underwater Rugby
Other Hobbies: Snowboarding, climbing, freediving and photography

Adam Beresford



The Role: My role as club treasurer is to make sure all the bills are paid, this could cover costs of kit servicing , all the way down to hiring out the pool (make sure we can all go diving!)
Email: treasurer@shusac.org.uk
The Person: Computer science student on placement at Thales UK, enjoy socialising and going for a pint!
Diving Qualification: Trainee Sports Diver
Favourite Drink: Doom Bar
Favourite Food: Hunters Chicken (Aldi)

Andrew Hall



What that means: I conduct the correspondence of the club and maintain effective records and administration. I ensure meetings are effectively organised and minuted.
Email: secretary@shusac.org.uk
Diving Qualification: Ocean Diver
Why I Love Diving: Seeing all the cool fish and wrecks
Other Hobbies: Skiing

Tom Colbenson

Equipment Officer


The Role: So you have any questions about equipment just ask me…. And If I don’t know I’m sure I can figure it out one way or another!
Diving Qualification: Ocean Diver
Why I Love Diving: Finding out what’s below the surface
Other Hobbies: Motorbikes, Guitar and Netflix

Holly Hough

Equal Ops Officer


The Role: Looking after the wellbeing of everyone in the club and making sure everyone is having a great time!
Email: equalops@shusac.org.uk
Diving Qualification: Ocean Diver
Favourite Drink: Jagerbombs

Calum Bell

Website Officer


The Role: My role is to handle anything technical, this includes updating the site/facebook or twitter. Please message me if theres anything I can help with.
Email: kxcomp@gmail.com
The Person: I am currently doing a placement year at Eli Lilly, always happy to go on a club outing and hope to attend Malta 2017!
Diving Qualification: Sports Diver
Why I Love Diving: Exploring areas unknown
Other Hobbies: I enjoy gaming, reading and travelling whenever possible!

Alex Rowson-Brown

Expeditions Officer


The Role: I plan and put on the trips for diving all year.
Email: alexrb156@gmail.com
The Person:
Diving Qualification: Sports Diver
Why I Love Diving: I like good buoyancy and breathing control
Other Hobbies: classic metal music, Corps green and purple pints

Ellie Pattinson

Social Secretary


The Role: I do arrange all of the fun nights out that we're going to have. I'm just here to ensure we all have some pretty great memories at the end of the year.
Email: b5027703@my.shu.ac.uk
Uni Course: Second Year Languages with International Business
Diving Qualification: Ocean Diver
Why I Love Diving: Exploring Wrecks
Other Hobbies: When I'm not ruling Westeros I enjoy reading and pole dancing.