Converting to BSAC

If you are already qualified with another SCUBA training agency crossing over to a BSAC qualification and continuing your training is really easy.

Below is a guide to the equivalent qualifications of other agencies. If you require further information please contact the Diving Officer.

Ocean Diver Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver Plus
One Star Diver Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
NASDS Open Water Diver
NASDS Advanced Open Water Diver
NAUI Scuba Diver and Advanced Scuba Diver
Royal Navy Ships Diver
Sports Diver Rescue Diver Two Star Diver Advanced Open Water Diver with
Stress and Rescue Speciality
HSE Commercial Diver: HSE Scuba Diver
HSE Surface Supply Diver
HSE Surface Supply (Top Up) Diver
HSE Closed Bell Diver (formerly HSE Diver Part 4, 3, 1 and 2 respectively)
NASDS Rescue Diver
NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver
SAA Club Diver
SSAC Third Class Diver
Army Compressed Air Diver
Dive Leader Divemaster Dive Control Specialist NASDS Dive Supervisor
NAUI Divemaster
SAA Dive Leader
SSAC Second Class Diver/Master Diver


We've had a very successful intake this year, with around 20 new divers being trained and a hanful of divers who area already qualified joining.

We're off to the Farnes at the end of November to see the seals. Wish us luck!

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