Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we often get asked are below. If you have any other questions, or if you need more information, please click HERE to email SHUSAC.

Who are we?

We are a fun group of current SHU students and alumnae held together by the urge to submerge. All the information on what we offer can you can be found on this website. For the most up-to-date activities follow us on our Facebook page, our YouTube Channel and our Twitter feed. If you have any futher questions please contact us


Do you do any introductory dives?

Yes. At the start of the academic year we run a try dive session. This takes place in Ponds Forge swimming pool and is designed for people who have never dived before. It is a good introduction to the sport and allows people to see if they feel comfortable in an underwater environment.

If you have missed the Try Dive event please contact us. We are more than happy to arrange further try dive sessions throughout the year.


Can anyone join the club?

Currently only Sheffield Hallam University students, alumnae members of SHU or SHU staff can join SHUSAC. We have a diverse member base that includes both students and alumni of the University.


How do I join?

Joining SHUSAC is simple. Visit our stall at the Sports Fair during Freshers Week at the start of the academic year or come to one of our events (check the calendar). Optionally, you can send us an email for more information.


How much does it cost?

Although diving is not a cheap sport, learning to dive with SHUSAC is one of the most cost effective ways to learn.

For someone who has never dived before the approximate training cost will be £ 450. This includes membership fees, training materials, use of club equipment, drysuit hire and 2 weekend training trips to qualify you as a BSAC Ocean Diver (equivalent to PADI Open Water Diver).

Training costs for divers who are already qualified will vary depending on the level of qualification you hold.

For more information please visit the Prices page.


Where do we dive?

We dive at a number of diverse and interesting locations, both in the UK and abroad. For more information on the sites we dive please visit Where We Dive.


What is there to see in UK water?

UK waters hold a number of hidden treasures, unknown to most people. The UK stands on a rich heritage of naval tradition and as such there are a multitude of fantastic wrecks to see all around the coast. If wrecks are not your main interest then the UK boasts an astounding marine biodiversity, from colourful coral reefs to the seals of the Farne islands and even to gargantuan basking sharks on the welsh coast.


Isn't it cold?

UK water is undeniably colder than more exotic dive locations however, when diving in the UK we wear drysuits (as opposed to the more well known wetsuits). The added insulation provided by drysuits means the water temperature is barely noticeable. Having said this during summer UK water temperature can reach 20 degrees, comparable to many foreign dive sites!


I wear glasses, will this stop me diving?

Not at all, there are a number of options for people who wear glasses. These can be explored here.


Do I need a medical?

You must be fit to dive. For information on fitness to dive please visit this page.

In order to dive with us you must complete a medical self declaration form. A copy of the form can be found here. If you cannot answer "No" to all questions you will need to consult a recognised diving doctor to check your fitness to dive.


Do I need to be able to swim?

We require all trainees to be able to swim at least 25m.


Do I need any kit to start?

The basic equipment needed for Ocean Diver training is a mask, fins, hood, gloves and boots. As a member of SHUSAC you can get a discount at our local dive shop.

Please note that any personal equipment you wish to use must be suitable for SCUBA use, i.e. snorkeling masks bought on holiday may not be able to withstand depth. If in doubt bring your kit and we will take a look!

More information on SCUBA equipment can be found on our Equipment page.



We've had a very successful intake this year, with around 20 new divers being trained and a hanful of divers who area already qualified joining.

We're off to the Farnes at the end of November to see the seals. Wish us luck!

For more information visit the contact us page!

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