Trip Reports

Anglesey, Amlwch 2013

Four members of Sheffield Hallam University Sub Aqua Club were invited on a fellow Sheffield club's trip to Anglesey. This trip report is written by a member of BSAC 36, but sums the weekend up fantastically. Diving aboard the Julie-Anne..... A boat with a chicken atop the mast!!......


Sound of Mull 2013

Organised by the lovely Anna Nuttall and Matt Newbound, this trip took place in the tiny town of Oban on the West Coast of Scotland.  10 of us made the long journey up on a Saturday morning. Having travelled 8 hours, with several stops we made it to the lovely world of Loch Fuchan, where there were 2 wooden cottages waiting. After an evening of beer, pizza and banter we took to bed for the early start the next day.......


Scapa Flow 2012

11 people, 4 cars, 2 ferries, 1262 miles and some epic diving = an amazing diving holiday, SHUSAC style. The epic (albeit whistlestop) tour to the Orkneys at the tip of Scotland began on 17th August 2012. We had two days to travel 531 miles, in order to reach the ferry......


Lundy 2012

The adventure began from the harbour of Ilfracombe, cruising out into the Bristol Channel towards the marine conservation of Lundy Island. The boat for this weekend was the Obsession II, a brilliant vessel prepared well for the party of divers.


Malta 2012 - Training Trip

Planning for the annual pilgrimage to Malta started early in 2012, with the aim to entice the trainees in to packing their bags for an amazing holiday. 7 lucky students signed up for the trip along with our Chairman and two of the club’s Instructors. The date was set: 28th June – 5th July.


Farnes Islands 2011

I’ve always had a fear of the sea. Not because of what might be down there, but the fact that I can’t see it! Therefore as you can imagine the thought of entering the choppy seal infested waters was a daunting prospect, I just didn’t know what to expect........


Malta 2011

Ah British water. It’s cold, it’s dark and contrary to popular belief, it’s awesome to dive in. However one does find his mind wondering on a rainy day at Stoney, of a place with sea so clear you can sit on the sandy bottom and stare up at the sun from 30 metres......



We've had a very successful intake this year, with around 20 new divers being trained and a hanful of divers who area already qualified joining.

We're off to the Farnes at the end of November to see the seals. Wish us luck!

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